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  • The first step is taking care of your Domain Name or URL, which is the that you are used to typing into the Address/Location field of your Browser.  If you already have a URL, let us know and we can help you move it over to us.  You will remain the Registrant, and depending on your preference, appoint us as the "Administrative Contact" and the "Billing Contact" or use yourself.  We'll help you through the process (or do it for you if you prefer). We will be your "Technical Contact" and your record will be updated to use our Name Servers, which is how your URL points to the right server on the Internet.
  • If you don't already have a URL, you should go to Network Solutions at  On their home page is a lookup / search function called "Find a Domain Name".  This is where to find out if your is available, or already taken.  Don't get discouraged if your first choice has been taken.  There are many, many ".com" extensions still available.  Sometimes by simply putting a "-" between the words will do it.  Or depending on your business type, you can try ".org" or ".net" as an alternative.  Plus they are adding many new extensions, like ".biz", ".info", ".pro", and ".us" all the time, so you have plenty of choices.  If all of this is a mystery, don't worry - that's what we are here for.  We'll be happy to help you sort this out.
  • Once you have your new Domain Name picked out, contact us.  We can acquire the Domain Name on your behalf, making you the Registrant.  Or, we can guide you through the process if you want to acquire it yourself and then help you point it to your new Freedom Networking Solutions home.


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